DPF Cleaning Services

The DPF cleaning process removes up to 95% of the diesel particulate. Cleaning your DPF extends the life of the unit, reduces downtime and significantly improves fuel economy. All final test results are compared to OEM specifications and reported to you.

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Driveshaft Repair Service

Have your driveshaft cut, balanced and welded at our Rockdale location. The driveshaft service uses high speed computer balancing and comes with a fast turnaround time. Call or stop by today to take advantage of this high quality service.

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We can provide many services on site at both of our locations. Please use the table below to see what services we offer at our locations. Don’t hesitate to call if you need more information on these services.


Alignment Service

Axel Eye Rebushing

Brake Relining

Battery Cables

Custom Hoses

Differential Repair

Driveshaft Repair

Dry Bulk/Blower Service

Engine Service

Flywheel Resurfacing


Hydraulic Systems Service

Hydraulic Pump & PTO Repair

Hydraulic Press Work

Power Take-Off Repair

Rebush Walking Beams

Rotor Cutting

Spring Repair

Spindle Repair

Suspension Service

Trailer Service

Transfer Case Repair

Transmission Repair

Truck Repair

U-Bolt Bending

Wet Line Kit Install

Bolingbrook, IL

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